Baker City to Prairie City OR. We couldn’t fool ourselves about today; we knew it would be a tough one. 69 miles with three mountain passes to get to the next town. The only “services” along the way was the pipe spewing spring water just East of Austin Junction.
We started with a partially sponsored breakfast at the restaurant next to our hotel. The coupon supplied us helped, but we wanted more for this ride as our next meal would be handlebar bag snacks. We started out drafting each other until the first hill, which is where I always wheeze “goodbye” to Peter’s rear wheel. He’s nice though, and waits at the top for me each time. Up and down we went. The first one was hard, the second one was hotter but not as steep. Somewhere in there was the spring, which was really a treat. COOL water is a big deal. Then there was a third climb, but tell the truth, I don’t remember it. I was hot and tired and just zoned out. The last descent brought me around. We stopped and looked at the valley from a nice rest stop which had a giant Oregon Trail wagon. Reminds me of the concrete dinosaurs along the I-10 in Banning. Then we zoomed downhill to our destination and resuscitated ourselves with food and drink. We found our campground was also a museum. No excuse for missing this one. See track my tour area for pics of it.



3 Responses to Hat-trick of hills

  1. debbie says:

    Ah, you can practically smell those ocean breezes!

  2. Aimee Erickson says:

    hee hee! that was me too, watching Peter’s rear wheel disappear up the hills. He really rocks those climbs. I am watching the map and cheering you guys on! Let me know if you have any specific requests for the sag wagon to stock for the last day’s ride.

    • Rich says:

      Thanks Aimee, We’re counting them down too. Thrilled to have a sag wagon ( and see you ). I’ll be happy just to have my bags off. It’ll be like running the big race after training in lead shoes! Hope your shoulder continues to improve.

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