80 miles from Council ID to Halfway OR. We started out with a goal of Oxbow OR, but we made great time on the first half of the ride. After a big climb and a screaming descent to the Snake River we entered Oregon. Then it hit 100 degrees and kinda reminded us of Kansas. We decided that the faster we could get away from any area named Hells Canyon the better. First we had to visit the grumpy lady’s store by Oxbow dam. Peter tells me she is infamous on many biker blogs. After a short visit we discover her rep is well earned. The store had more draconian signs than a supermax prison. She read several to us when we strayed. Two of my favs are pictured: come as strangers/leave as friends, then 6 feet away is one that warns, Nothing in this store is worth your life! After selling us some ice cubes, she shows us how to operate the garden hose.
So, now to today’s title. I paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy: you may be an idiot if… you drag your bike into a huge bank of goathead thorns to take a picture. Those plants look familiar I thought. Could they be thorns? Nah. Besides my tires are imperviousSSSSSS! Peter speculated “was that a snake?” which in this unusual case qualifies as optimism. What a doofus I am.



4 Responses to Here’s your sign

  1. doug says:

    So, I’m looking at the map & I’m confused. Halfway to what, exactly? You seem to have left the land of cliche town names far behind.

  2. Mike says:

    Rich, I am with you in spirit. Makes me @ least want to jump on the trainer and get some pedaling. U B da Man!

  3. Tim says:

    Welcome indeed! Sorry it’s so hot – but this is late August!Nevertheless, I believe Oregon to be the finest state of the union. Of course I’m biased & you’ve seen many more of them :) I’ve flown to Halfway too, last year. What a hoot… Maybe I can talk you into retiring in the Roseburg area.

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