Congratulation to Rich & Peter for completing the TransAm.  I enjoyed the 52 days & six states pedaling along this route and would have loved to have been with them this year as a finisher.  I can at least say that I ended up in a better place than the Tour de France rider this year who did not finish because he was catapulted into a barbed wire fence @ 25 mph after an idiot driver in TV car veered into the peleton causing a massive pileup.  Ouch! 

I join Rich’s comments about the people we met. There is no way to try to do a wrap up would make sure to include the generous angel of Afton, VA, June Curry, but also the strange clerk @ Master Bait & Tackle with no water for bikers “because it comes from a well”.

We were both very pleased & surprised by how many folks helped us in ways large and small. In particular I was amazed by how considerate the drivers, particularly the truck drivers, were in giving us plenty of room while passing.

Finally, I wanted to give one more toast to a pair of the most determined riders we met (see photo) Spence & Natasha & their very vocal dog Sebastian.  They survived a broken axle & terrible weather including a time when they pushed their bike for 10 miles in the heat until a driver in a pickup gave them a lift.  They never complained and were as hardy as anyone else we met on this trip.


5 Responses to Job Well Done Rich & Peter!

  1. Wayne DeBord says:

    And a job well done to you Mike! You hung in there until circumstances were the limiting factor, not you. Congratulations!

    • Mike says:

      Wayne, thank you for all your comments along the way. We felt that you were our emotional team car director every day!

  2. Peter McLaren says:

    Thanks Rich for being such a great riding buddy and chocolate milkshake enthusiast. Top ride, what’s next?

  3. Rich Wilkinson says:

    What’s next you say? The cross country ski tour of Yellowstone hot springs, of course! I expect you will pack in the 30 lbs of milkshakes. have fun on the Tour de OR.

  4. Mike & Joan says:

    Nice comments. We could not agree more. We wish that you were able to be there finishing too. But what you did was great, and how you did it was even greater.

    We so enjoyed riding with you guys, experiencing with you the fun and the serious and the quirky as we saw this country close up and personal. And we really miss the “Mike & Rich Comedy Hour” that we were so privileged to have witnessed!

    Take care, thanks for being a great riding buddy, and hope to see you again some time in the future.
    –Mike & Joan

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